We offer many general contracting and underground construction services. These include:

General Contractor

Kern Pacific Construction has been  general contracting since 1998.  We have completed projects as large subdivisions, big box & commercial shopping centers, strip malls and many CIP projects.

Streetscape Improvement

Our services offered for streetscape improvements include new curbing & gutters, standardized sidewalks, decorative street lighting & curb lettering, etc. 

Dry Utilities

We provide a full range of dry utility installation consisting of conduit systems, cabling, vaults, boxes, pad mount appurtenances, substructures, street lighting, maintain and service street lighting, meter pedestal, traffic signal interconnects, sleeves, boring, house services as well, and emergency call outs.

Water Systems

Water main installation, services, bores, hot taps, appurtenance installations, pump facilites, discharge lines, and locating repairing leaks, and emergency call outs.

Sewer Systems

Deep sewer main installations, large diameter sewer main installations, T-Lok systems, man holes, lift stations, force mains, treatment plants, small diameter installations and repairs, and emergency call outs.

Storm Drain Systems

Large and small diameter piping of all kinds, man holes, lift stations, drainage sumps, under drains, box culberts, major and minor concrete structures associated with storm systems as well as locating and repairing leaks, and emergency call outs.

Canal Projects

Canal lining, soil stabilization, bypass work, piping and undercrossings, bridges and overcrossings, wiers and gates,  large and small diameter pipe systems, head walls, outlets, copper damns, repairs and emergency call outs.

Concrete and Structures

All types of concrete work including curbs, gutters, sidewalks, catchbasins, curb inlets, outlets, lift station decks, bridges and footings, wiers, wing walls, warped wing walls, canal stream lining, and specialty concrete work.

Grading and Earth Moving

Mask grading operations for subdivision and commercial projects, rough grading, fine grading, over excavation, import/export, building pads, and soil stabilization.


Subgrade, base, and paving for highways, subdivisions, and commercial sites.  Also temporary patching and emergency call out repairs.

Specialty Projects

Custom utility work, specialty structures, decorative landscaping, vertical bores, horizontal bores, hot taps, tie ins, pipe relining and projects designed to meet your needs.

Pipe line video inspection.

Hydro cleaning

Pipe line sewer and storm drain cleaning and jet rodding.